1. Works on a unique Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Model: hand holds the Implementation for 12-18 months

2. Takes on Project on an "as is where is basis" - Works within existing systems of Clients to demonstrate improvement

3. Set Sales Processes for reporting & control

4. Enhances sales capabilities of team members through mentoring & coaching

5. IT enablement/CRM: Range of Software Apps implemented to track leading sales indicators in the field

6. Improves the execution mindset of the team

7. Exits the Project once the Sales Operation becomes on Auto mode

1. Client Brief Immersion

2. Initial market working (including Pre Sales where relevant)

3. Establish Leading Sales Indicators & Productivity Norms

4. Generate Performance Dashboard through data from CRM

5. Market working on Basic Call Process (BCP), Customer Development

6. Weekly & Monthly Reviews for continuous monitoring & control

7. Continuous Mentoring & Coaching

8. Recommendations of long term measures to sustain improvement

9. Brief for Sales Operations Manual

10. Handover to designated Sales Operations head and exit