RETAIL MARKET MOVERS is pleased to announce a distribution partnership for the market of Africa with TESSOL, the manufacturers of the unique PlugnChill Fuel Free Transportation Refrigeration System.

Imagine being able to transport Chilled & Frozen goods without any worry of temperature drop over even long distances anywhere in the world PLUS ALSO SAVING more than 60% on diesel costs !

TESSOL's PlugnChill now gives you a TESSOL TEMPERATURE GUARANTEE that delivers all of the above, thanks to its patented Eutectic Chilling Technology. PlugnChill is suitable for a wide range of applications in Dairy, Poultry, Sea Food, Ice, Ice Cream, Central Kitchens & Horticulture.

During the 'I for Afrika' summit organised by the Indo African Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Mumbai in Nov 2017, positive interest has been indicated by partners and customers in Zimbabwe, Sudan, Tanzania and South Africa. With this move, RETAIL MARKET MOVERS has now actively moved to the next stage of developing the sales of innovative services and products in emerging markets through the application of the science of sales execution.


TESSOL (B2B : Thermal Energy Solutions- 2017)

  1. Implemented the Tessol Temperature Guarantee (TTG) concept as the REAL solution for the Chilled Transportation Products of TESSOL
  2. Established a 8 stage B2B Selling Process
  3. Revised RTM and enhanced CRM to deliver MIS & Daily Activity Report (DAR)
  4. Implemented Dealer Development & DODO Model concept
  5. Undertook sales team training on the Science of Selling and winning with new customers

PRABHAT ( Food Service Business - 2018 onwards)

  1. Customer Segmentation for Food Service Business for sharper results
  2. Establishing sales processes and Basic Call Process (BCP)
  3. Sales team capabilities enhancement
  4. Implementation of CRM
  5. New Route To Market for enhancing Cheese sales
  6. Improving Execution with Current Customers to increase range
  7. Partner development and network expansion