"I wish my sales team could be more Productive"

How many times would CEOs have articulated the above wish?

How many times have CEOs wished for a way in which they could turn brilliant sales strategies into phenomenal execution on the ground?

Improving Sales Productivity constantly remains the number one challenge in most organisations for CEOs and Sales Directors.

Sales Management is a SCIENCE, much like Accounting, R&D and Manufacturing but in the absence of well documented and universally accepted Sales Processes, it often gets treated like an ART by many managers who are responsible for the Sales Departments. The result - sub optimal results.

This is where Retail Market Movers (RMM) now becomes relevant.

RMM was founded in 2011, by Dinkar Suri, a sales veteran of over 35+ years with the unique objective of increasing Sales Productivity in sales organisations.

RMM is a Sales Execution & Development company that supports their Clients in being more productive in the market through their proprietary tool : GASP - Generally Accepted Sales Principles.

GASP is delivers outstanding results in improving Sales Productivity for all sectors - Consumer, Industrial or Services and is relevant for organisations at any point of their journey : as a Start Up, or in the Growth/Mature phase.